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Will Disney Increase Prices In February?

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

It's that time of year again. The most dreaded time of year for regular Disney vacationers...the annual price increase. For 29 years Disney has steadily increased park ticket prices. Will Disney increase prices in 2018? You can bet your sweet, little Mickey ears on it. There are a few items that nearly ensure that the increase will happen.

Toy Story Land - Coming Summer 2018

Star Wars Land - Coming in 2019

With the addition of Toy Story Land in the summer of 2018 and Star Wars Land in 2019, costs for Disney as a corporation will be at an all time high. What better way to increase revenue? Disney's attitude is fewer guests at higher prices with lower attendance will increase the guest's overall satisfaction. They are right, I am willing to pay more to have fewer people in the parks. Are you?

What is the best way to avoid the rumored annual price increase?

Buy Your Tickets Now

Tickets purchased now will not expire until 14 days after you activate them at the park. An adult 3-day park hopper is $349.

Book A Vacation Package

For only a $200 Deposit, you can insure that you get the 2017 prices. The deposit is completely refundable as long as you cancel before you pay in full or 30 days before the reservation. Must be booked by Feb. 21st. Do you think Disney will increase prices in February? Comment below. Until next time, have a magical day!

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