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Oklahoma Route 66 Museum Review Thumbsdown - Not Recommended

While traveling on our Great Grand Canyon RV Adventure, we made many stops along the way. Most of them were amazing! This was not one of those places.

Oklahoma Route 66 Museum in Clinton, Oklahoma. I wish I could say that is was a pleasant visit, but it wasn’t. It was a super cute place and we wanted to take some time to look at all the exhibits. As my readers know, we have a son with severe Autism. As soon as we arrived, he let us know that he needed to use the restroom. Parents of kids with Autism know that if a kid with Autism needs to go to the bathroom, that means now! We went inside to use the restroom before planning to go through the museum and gift shop. We were immediately stopped and told we had to pay admission to the museum if we wanted to use the restroom. The restroom was conveniently located at the end of the museum, so anyone who had to use it, had to pay. We asked if there was anyway to let our son go to the restroom and then comeback to tour the museum. They refused. In fact, they were so very rude about it, we decided to leave and let him use our RV bathroom instead. I mentioned to my husband on the way out that I wished I could’ve visited the gift shop. The rude lady interrupted and told me that I was welcome to go to the gift shop. However, at that point, we weren't going to spend a dime there.

I’m sure it was a lovely museum and it would’ve been nice to see it. However, because of the way we were treated, I cannot recommend visiting it. There are plenty of other cool things to see on Route 66 and no one needs to take the time to visit a place that is unfriendly to their customers.

Please understand that we did not feel entitled to a bathroom for our son. Had it been handled differently, we would’ve just let him use the RV bathroom and returned to the museum. It was her tone and sharp attitude that made us leave.

On a side note, this location is run by the Oklahoma Historical Society and is not run by a small business owner. That would explain why the customer service was lacking. A small business owner would have been more accommodating and wouldn’t turn away potential business.

Until Next Time My Friends! Have A Magical Day!

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