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Meredith’s Wish Day

During Meredith’s battle with Leukemia, she was offered the opportunity to get a wish from Make-A-Wish. The people from Make-A-Wish visited Meredith shortly after her diagnosis. She was still in alot of pain and didn’t have much energy. They talked to her about the different things they could do. Their most popular Wish was to visit Walt Disney World. When the lady from Make-A-Wish asked Meredith if she had ever been to Walt Disney World, Meredith replied weakly, “About 30 times.”

The lady laughed and said, “ I guess you wouldn’t want to go there again.”

Meredith replied, “If I can stay in the castle, we can talk."

The lady laughed again, told her to think about what she wanted to do most in the world, and that they would get back to us at a later date to set up a Zoom meeting to go over her ideas.

A few weeks later, Meredith had her Zoom meeting with Make- A-Wish. A few of her wish ideas were an in-ground pool, an Adventures By Disney trip, and an RV camping trip to see the Grand Canyon. The first two choices were no surprise to us, but we hadn’t ever heard Meredith mention the Grand Canyon before nor traveling in an RV. We were tent campers and only went on a weekend trip once per year with a group of friends. We understood where the pool and an ABD trip came from but, how did she come up with the idea to take an RV to the Grand Canyon?

Make-A-Wish could only offer an above ground pool, so that was out because our HOA wouldn’t approve it. The Adventures By Disney trip was on a 2 year wait because we were in the midst of a global pandemic. So, Meredith selected the RV trip to see the Grand Canyon. That was in September of 2020. Little did we know that the wish she selected would still take nearly two years to grant.

In May of 2022, Meredith finally got her Wish Day. Meredith was given a Ameri-lite Conquest 197BH travel trailer to take to the Grand Canyon and to keep forever.

Here is the floorpan of the camper. It sleeps 8, is 22 feet long, 96 inches wide.

We were overwhelmed by the generosity of Make-A-Wish and Cedar City RV. They thought of everything we would need for the RV camper. Cedar City RV even threw in stabilizers and an anti-sway bar since we had no idea about traveling in with travel trailer attached to our vehicle.

Now that we had the camper, it was up to Mom to plan the trip that would forever change our lives. You can read more about the planning of the trip here in my post, Planning Our Great Grand Canyon RV Adventure. If you want to read about the trip itself visit our Great Grand Canyon RV Adventure post.

After her wish day was over, we asked Meredith why she picked an RV trip to the Grand Canyon (of all things). She told us that she wanted something that the whole family could enjoy. She was right.

Until Next Time My Friends...Have A Magical Day!

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