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Meredith’s Leukemia Battle - Magical Updates

It’s funny, when I started this blog my kids were so young. We traveled as much as we could and had a great time doing it. 2020 changed so much of that. Being locked down and scared to travel was the tip of the iceberg.

Our youngest child, Meredith, was diagnosed with Leukemia in April of 2020. She was only 8 years old at the time. We were devastated and spent the next two years either at the hospital or in our home. We didn’t really get to travel as a family anymore for a variety of reasons (including the shutting down of our family business for nearly a year).

In December of 2020, my 13-year-old (at the time) son, Cole, donated his bone marrow to his sister and saved her life.

I’m proud to say that Meredith is now medically thriving and we are now being to put the pieces of our fractured live back together. Our family business is open again, but it still isn’t quite where it was prior to the shutdown, but we are pushing forward and trying not to look back.

Magical Meredith and Magical Brother Cole on her 1st Bone Marrow Birthday

We celebrated Meredith’s 1 year Bone Marrow Birthday in December 2021. It was such an important milestone, we didn’t want to let it pass by without a proper celebration.

Here Meredith is today! Healthy, happy, and grateful for her recovery.

It’s funny how your perspective about what is important changes when something like this happens. I hope we never lose sight of that.

Until Next Time My Friends (and you are my friends even if we haven’t met)!

Have A Magical Day!

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