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Meet Pixar Characters At The New Toy Story Land

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

With each passing day the excitement builds for the long-awaited opening of the all-new Toy Story Land on June 30th. In Toy Story Land, you will enjoy the feeling of being shrunken down to the size of a toy playing in Andy's backyard. The new attractions are all Andy's creations including an Alien play set he won at Pizza Planet and a roller coaster featuring Slinky Dog. Toy Story Mania! will be there too with an all-new entrance.

Walt Disney World announced that the most beloved Pixar characters for Toy Story will be meeting and greeting guests on a daily bases in Toy Story Land. Guests can say, "Hey, Howdy Hey," to Woody, pose for a picture with Jesse and go to Infinity and Beyond with Buzz Light Year.

Toy Story Land is sure to be the best new feature at Hollywood Studios. What are you most excited about seeing in Toy Story Land? Comment in the section below.

Until next time...Have A Magical Day!

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