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Is A Concierge Stateroom On Disney Cruise Line Worth It?

Traveling on the Disney Cruise Line is an amazing experience in and of itself. The attention to detail, the cleanliness of the ships, and the remarkable staff are world renowned. But, what if this wonderful vacation could be even better? Traveling Concierge on the Disney Cruise Line is an experience unlike any other. That is why most guests who try this service say they will never go back to regular cruising. Me included! So why is traveling Concierge on the Disney Cruise Line so wonderful. Here are a few things that make it so fabulous:

Shoreside Concierge Service

From the moment you book your Disney Cruise Line Concierge vacation you have access to Disney's Shoreside Concierge Service. Think of them like your personal assistant doing everything they can to make your vacation wonderful. They answer questions, make note of your requests, and most of all they handle your reservations for port excursions and onboard activities. This includes the elusive Castaway Cay Cabanas. As long as you are paid in full 125 days prior to your cruise, the Shoreside Concierge will reserve your Cabana and port excursions before anyone else has an opportunity to book them. If you love the Cabanas like I do, this service is invaluable. Here is what you have to look forward to when you work with Disney's Shoreside Concierge:

  • Personalized service - They will help you plan every detail of your cruise

  • Dining Room meal time and seating preferences

  • Special occasions and celebration planning

  • Port Adventures, Palo, Remy, Spa treatments and Nursery reservations, and the Castaway Cay Cabanas

  • Food Allergies

  • Stateroom preferences - Pillows, sheets, and robes...oh my!

Boarding Early

Concierge guests do not have a port arrival time. That means you can arrive anytime before the end of check-in. However, I recommend getting there early! Concierge guests board the ship before any other guests. Walking on to an empty Disney Cruise Line ship is a very interesting experience and I wouldn't want to do it any other way. Once Concierge guests are welcomed on board they are escorted to the private Concierge Lounge. Inside you meet your Cruise Concierge Hosts, go over your itinerary, receive tickets to the coveted events (including the Princess Meet and Greet), and make sure that you have everything you need for a pleasant cruise. You will also enjoy some snacks and beverages (including complimentary alcoholic beverages for the adults in your party.)

Getting In Your Stateroom Early

  • Concierge guests are the first people allowed in their staterooms

  • By the time we have lunch on board, we are able to go to our stateroom and begin unpacking

Pick your Pillow and More

  • I love this feature. Do you prefer a memory foam pillow or a feather alternative? No problem! In your stateroom, there is a pillow menu and you have many choices to choose from. We always opt for the memory foam pillows because they are very much like the ones in our home.

  • Do you prefer silk pillowcases? No problem! Just ask and it's yours

Concierge Reception

In addition to the daily complimentary cocktail reception, Concierge guests are invited to a private event in Concierge Lounge during the cruise. They offer treats, drinks, and cocktails for the grown ups. There is always a special character guest, but you never know who exactly it will be.

In-Room Dining

This is the feature of traveling Concierge on the Disney Cruise Line that we use the most. Concierge 1 Bedroom Staterooms or larger have the ability to have hot meals from the dining room delivered to their rooms. On every day of our cruise, we use this perk for breakfast. I had a standing order for breakfast at 8:00 AM and it was amazing!

It is wonderful not have to get dressed first thing in the morning and have an elegant breakfast delivered to you. You always get oceanview seating!

A Disney Cast Member comes into your room and sets up this lovely table. It, definitely, saved some time for us in the mornings! The food was very hot and extremely delicious every day. My oldest son has food allergies and they personally delivered his allergy free meals to the room too.

The Concierge Lounge

The concierge lounge has food and beverages available from 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM every day. Not only does it boast the best coffee machine on the ship, but you can go in and get as much bottled water (typically Evian) or other beverages as you would like. This would come in super handy for those days we were in a port. We would just grab our bottled waters for the trip and head out for the day.For my family, one of the best things about the concierge lounge was having a nice quite place to sit and hangout.

Private Dining Table


Concierge guests enjoy the opportunity to eat exclusively with their family. Typically, when dining on cruise lines, you could get seated with another couple or family. As a Disney Cruise Line Concierge guest, no matter the size of your family, you are seated alone. On the Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy, you can request to be seated near "Crush" in the Animator's Palette restaurant. I would highly recommend asking for this perk. Not only is it super cool to see all the animation up close, but you might just get a chance to talk to Crush while you are dining.

Spacious Stateroom with Lots of Extras

The one bedroom or larger concierge staterooms have lots of extras including a wet bar, two bathrooms, and huge closets! The closet in my one-bedroom concierge stateroom was nearly as large as my first cabin on another cruise ship.

In concierge staterooms, you also receive upgraded bathroom amenities and in the one bedrooms or larger, a gigantic Jacuzzi bathtub! Another feature I love about these staterooms is the tiny, kid-sized robes. They come in pink or blue. Typically, they are in your stateroom when you arrive, but in case they are not, just ask and your wish will be granted.

Castaway Cay Cabana

The Castaway Cay Cabana is one of the most difficult things to obtain on a Disney Cruise Line vacation. Unless you are traveling concierge or are a Platinum Castaway Club member, you will probably not be able to book this in advance. I have heard of people getting on the wait list while on the cruise and receiving one, but that is not normally the case. If you have the means, I would highly recommend doing so. It makes an amazing day at Castaway Cay even better. The cabanas include refrigerated bottled beverages, sun screen, beach toys for the kids, a variety of floating devices, scuba gear, a hammock, and even cold wash cloths to help cooling you down after a long day at the beach. With all of that, why wouldn't you want a cabana on Castaway Cay?

These are just a few of the many wonderful things you can encounter on the Concierge level on a Disney Cruise Line vacation. Many people have asked me, "Is it worth it to travel concierge on a Disney Cruise Line vacation?" My answer is always, "Yes, for my family it is." It is a very subjective question. It, truly, depends on what is important to your family. If a regular Disney Cruise Vacation meets your need, then by all means, travel that way. If you are in the market for a little something extra, try concierge level. But, I will leave you with one warning. Once you have traveled concierge on Disney Cruise Line, it will be hard to go back! Until next time, have a magical day.

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