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5 Thing You Must Do At Walt Disney World's New Toy Story Land

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Twenty-three years ago, Pixar changed the face of animation forever when they premiered their first major motion picture, "Toy Story." Since then Pixar has produced hit after hit with their amazing humor and thoughtful storylines. On June 30th, Walt Disney World will open it's newest attraction, "Toy Story Land." It will pay homage to the film that started it all.

In Toy Story Land, you will become an "honorary toy" in Andy's backyard. Andy has spread his playthings all around, so you never know what will pop up. This immersive environment is sure to please visitors to Disney's Hollywood Studios. Let's take a look at the top Must Do's for Toy Story Land.

5.) A 20-Foot Woody Statue

What's a better way to be greeted into Toy Story Land than a giant statue of the friendliest cowboy in the west! Woody will be an amazing photo opportunity to share with all your jealous friends at home.

4.) Woody's Lunch Box Diner

Enjoy Toy Story-themed meals and old-fashioned sodas as Woody's Lunch Box Diner. This walk-up style diner will serve up toy-riffic meals and will feature Mini Babybel, the official cheese of Walt Disney World.

3.) Alien Swirling Saucers

Blast off on an space adventure inside a play set that Andy won at Pizza Planet! The Aliens have powered up their flying saucers and they are ready to take you on a wild ride complete with a soundtrack that is out of this world! This attraction will surely become a fan favorite. Ride it and you may be the lucky one who is chosen by, "The Claw!"

2.) Toy Story Mania!

One of the best attractions in all of Walt Disney World, Toy Story Mania! Yes, I know it's not a new attraction, but I (and I believe many of you) would go to the ends of the Disney Universe to enjoy this awesome attraction again and again. Toy Story Mania will get a face-lift and feature a whole new entrance when Toy Story Land opens on June 30th. This along with the third track that was added recently will surely make this one of the Must-Dos for anyone who visits Toy Story Land.

1.) Slinky Dog Dash Roller Coaster

I may be more excited about this than anything else in Toy Story Land. Andy has created a mega roller coaster just for you. Enjoy the view of Toy Story Land as you bend and twist through the coils of one of Andy's favorite toys, Slinky Dog! Jessie & Rex will be there to help hold up the coaster while you zip along on this all new attraction.

These are just a few reasons, I'm excited about the all new Toy Story Land opening on June 30th. Did I miss something? What are you excited about? Comment below.

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