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Magical Vacation Mom

"I haven't seen everything, but it's on my list." -Susan Sontag

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I love life, I love my family, and I love to travel.

Join me on my journey.

Autism Travel Specialist

Mom Of An Autistic Child


Cancer Awareness Advocate

Mom Of A Childhood Leukemia Survivor 


Cervical Cancer Survivor

My Life List
#1 Paris, France
#2 Hawaii           
#3 Greek Isles  
#4 Easter Island
#5 Australia


What locations are on your life list?  


The Magical Vacation Family Blog

Disney Obsession

My favorite and most visited location belongs to the Walt Disney Company.  After 30 visits with my family, doing my college internship at Epcot, and going there several times alone, I feel confident saying that I am an EXPERT.  


Do you have questions or topics you would like me to cover?

Send them to and I will do my best to help or answer your mail.

We are searching for Magical Moms to become blog and content writers.  Are you interested in being one of our Moms?



Cruise Lovers

Send me your funniest cruise stories and pictures for an upcoming feature!  If you are selected, you will win a Magical Vacation Mom Prize Pack!


Send your submissions HERE!


Featured Destination


Recently I had the opportunity to sail on the Norwegian Joy to Alaska. Follow me on my journey through some of the most beautiful sites in our country.

More info, stories, and tips will be added soon.


My Last Trip:



What’s Next:

Not only am I a Magical Vacation Mom, I am also a Magical Vacation Planner.  I specialize in Disney Vacations including Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures By Disney, Disney's Aulani Hawaiian Resort, cruises, all-inclusive resorts and Universal Studios, but I can help you plan just about anything.  I'm happy to give advice and recommendations.  One word of warning, if you getting me talking Disney, it might be hard to stop me! Check out some of my most popular blog posts here.

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